Kate has absolutely impeccable taste. I am constantly amazed by (and to be honest, a little jealous of) the creativity, style, vision, and amazing eye she brings to any project she works on.
— Emily Vikre / Vikre Distillery
After many years of controlling all aspects of my small business, it was a big step for me to hand-over the creative direction of photo shoots for my brand. Kate was both professional and personable which made all the difference. She took my overarching goal for the shoot and brought it to life, managing all the moving parts and nurturing the vision masterfully - without my need to be there. She gained my absolute trust and and admiration. Loyalty begins here.
— Tia Salmela Keobounpheng / Silvercocoon
Who run the world? Girls! Girls!
— Beyoncé


Kate lives in Duluth, Minnesota. She is available for photo styling, interior staging, art direction, and creative consulting. 

Kate is also the founder of Noihsaf Bazaar. A curated Instagram shop focused on the re-sale of Independent fashion lines.

When she's not working Kate enjoys the great outdoors, hanging with her family, playing basketball and doing the back float.